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shinigami apprentice

A Shinigami's principal activity:
capturing souls and sending them 'home'.
That doesn't sound like a ordinary job, huh?
Welll, it may just sound strange to us 'normal' people without Shinigami powers who are meant to remain unaware of their existance.
They are usually working during the night and besides just have a daily routine like everyone else.
tough luck, if you are considered as an apprentice though ...
Like any other 'newbie' one has to do the dirty work that the older Shinigami do not want to do...
'What that does that mean?', you say?
Nasty souls, really nasty ones that are just annoying. It's the kind of chore that isn't satisfying and just boring.

Daikei, Maru and Kaku happen to be those "lucky ones". The tree of them were born into old Shinigami families that are well known and prestigous. For this reason everybody in 多元宇宙sets high hopes in them ... sounds like a typical heir's story.
Unfortunately those tree kids somehow ... have kinda difficult personalities and are often troubled adjusting to their role as Shinigami:

One 's acting all high and mighty,
one is really introverted,
and the last one 's believing that he is the king of jokes and a sports fanatic...

Finally their unlimited license test is coming up and it happens to be at the same time they have to take their final exams at high school.
You better prepare well guys !
The 'glorious trio' , whose members seem to be the total opposite of each other, are sharing a long friendship since their were toddlers due to their similiar destiny. Apart from them, nobody really understands why they are hanging around each other because they always seem to be fighting and discussing. In reality they know that they can trust each other and wouldn't want to be seperated although their behaviour conveys a different image ^_-
Let's see what happens ...

AKTUELL : 23-08-2009
ich musste das jetzt einfach auf englisch schreiben x'D
iwie kann ich mich d besser ausdrücken o_O;
wenn ich mal iwann Zeit finde will ich zu der Geschichte auch n Douji machen, der dann das Gaanze ein wenig verständlicher macht.
Bis dahin leben die drei putzmunter in meinem Köpfchen *lol*
im Untermenü finden sich dann genaue Charbeschreibungen. Bei Rückfragen kann man mich einfach kontaktieren.
Demnächst kommen dann auch noch Skizzen zu ihren "Waffen", "Seelen" etc. ^_^
Ich bemühe mich voran zu kommen mit der ganzen Sache o_O;

p  i  c  t  u  r  e  s

Chibi Power x'D
(das Muster auf Daikeis Pulli ist falsch)

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